Improve the life, appearance and safety of your trees.
Tree Thinning:
Thinning is specific pruning to reduce amount or density of live branches. When examining a tree that will be thinned, we will specify location of parts to be removed, size range of parts to be removed, and percentage of foliage to be removed.

Tree cleaning:
Cleaning consists of selective pruning to remove different parts: dead or diseased, crossing, broken branches.
When inspecting a tree for cleaning, Hutchings Tree Service will be specific in the size and location or the tree(s) parts to be removed.

Tree Reduction:

Reducing decreases the height and spread. This is to increase clearances from a roadway or Structure. Reducing is also good for maintaining small shaped trees in a tight location. Before performing Tree Reduction, we will Check clearance, location and size of parts to be removed.

Tree Raising:

Raising is provides vertical clearance such as over buildings or sidewalks. We can determine clearances, location of tree parts to be removed, and size of parts to be removed.
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